Attracting a lot of tourists from North America, Mexico is amongst the world’s top 25 countries as per tourism industry competitiveness rankings. With December and mid-summer as peak tourism month, Mexico inhibits several UNESCO World Heritage sites comprising ancient ruins, natural reserves, and architectural sites. This Jupi Blog covers about those 15 places where a prospective tourist should be paying a visit. For readers’ ease we have divided this blog into 3 Categories, and under every category, there are five best locations are entailed.

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15 Places in Mexico for TOURISTS

15 Places In Mexico For Tourists



It is one of the busiest beaches in Mexico due to its fame as a premier diving and snorkeling destinations across the world. Despite the huge rush, one should not miss the awesome shorelines of Cozumel.


Interested in Clear Blue waters? Then Cancun is the place for you! The amazing resorts and a good number of restaurants make this place, even more, visit friendly


Situated by the side of the ruins of Tulum, this is also a wonderful beach area. If you want to enjoy the pure essence of this place, then come in the morning as you will find the sands free of footsteps.


It is not as good as Cancun but still a beach worth visiting for! The Golden shoreline of this beach comes with a calming effect and give the touch of eternal bliss to the passers-by


The Manzanillo beach has two bay areas. Where the first one Bahia de Manzanillo as the main bay with options of boardwalk and wharf. The second one famous for its tranquillity and amazing sunset views is known as Bahia De Santiago.

History and culture

Chichen Itza

Teotihuacan used to be the holy Mesoamerican city and if you don’t want to miss a 400 BC old city then include it in your travel list.  It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and considered as the first historic site of Mexico this city offers a conjecturing experience of two different cities built by Mayas and Toltecs. This place is must be visiting one.

Teotihuacan is one of the oldest archaeological sites based in Mexico with looming stepped pyramids. This place boasts about the Pyramid of Sun, which is a 75 meters high structural marvel.


A Maya site thrived between 13th to 16th centuries, Tulum used to be a walled city. The building style is worth noticing, and people with an interest in amazing structural sightings should visit this historic place.

Templo Mayor

Famous for its artifacts found in the excavation, Templo Mayer used to exist in Tenochtitlan. This place was the capital of Aztecs, and it also believed that today’s Mexico is part of this capital city.

Mexico National Museum of Anthropology

A World-renowned museum, Mexican National Museum of Anthropology introduces the visitors with a variety of archaeological revelations which are mostly dated back to the pre-Hispanic era.

Cities and town

Mexico City:

Famous for its ancient ruins and various famous temples Mexico City handover its visitors a magical touch of Amazing architecture with great food choices. Being a high-altitude capital, it is a place that magnets people back again and again.


Tequila and Mariachi are synonymous to Guadalajara city. These two mentioned names are two of the most iconic Mexican traditions, and this city is regarded as the true home of these traditions.


If you want to explore open-air markets with hiking opportunities at some challenging mountain treks then Oaxaca’s is the place to be. Additionally, the textile museum situated in this city allows visitors to open some unknown historical viewpoints of Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende:

Today, this city is known for Mexico’s most recognising Tequila brand. Also, it is a heritage town also known as SMA give visitors a chance to see a point where historical and present Mexico merge into each other.


If you want to see the amazing Mayan culture and their astonishing creations then you should head towards Merida. This city is known for heart throbbing mansions and calmness & harmony. The town earned its reputation for its food, design and art & craft. It can be regarded as the most welcoming city in Mexico.

15 Amazing Places in Mexico for Travel Enthusiasts

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