There is a country in the middle east which can be a tourist’s paradise if planned and explored correctly. No, we are not talking about Dubai. We are talking about Turkey which is known for its Christian mosaics and domes. With cultural connections to some ancient cultural heritages like Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires this country is home of some unparallel architectural marvels in the world. Jupi blog brings you this list of 8 Amazing Tourist Places in Turkey that you can’t afford to miss.

8 Amazing Tourist Places in Turkey




You must have seen a beautiful picture with several hundreds of hot air balloon taking flight in the sky. Surprisingly, It was not any digital creation which gone viral over the social media lately but it’s a real location named Cappadocia. It is situated in Turkey. With the breathtaking view, it is truly an amazing place as you can’t see any such thing anywhere in this world.



If you are coming on a holiday for vacation then do not forget visiting this unexceptionally blue water lake named Lake van. This saline soda lake is present in an area of 3,755 square kilometers which is also 75 miles wide. The locals also believe the legend of Loch Ness Monster which says the lake is a home of a monster.



Located in the Southeastern Anatolia, this city is among those few names in the list of UNESCO which is given the status of A World Heritage site not for a single location but for the city as a whole. With a home of some prominent historical landmarks, the city of Mardin is famous across the continent for its skillful artuqid architecture and beautiful location.

A short video trip for Turkey.



Nobody knew when in the year 1935 Hagia Sofia was turned into a museum by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk that one day it will become synonyms to The Identity of Turkey. The architectural design and appearance are quite mesmerising. In fact, a lot of other buildings are inspired by this awesome building not only in Turkey but across the world. Additionally, there is one interesting fact associated with this. Initially, it used to be a Church which later converted into a mosque. You can find this awesome place at Sultan Ahmet Mahallesi in Istanbul.



With the status of the fourth largest city in the Turkey Borsa is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This place boasts about a well-preserved place named Cumalıkızık village, which is an amazing sight to witness. This area is also famous for its textile production works. For a historical point of view, it also holds a lot of importance as it is also regarded as the former capital of the Ottoman empire.



A lot of people confuse Istanbul as the capital of Turkey but Ankara is the place that is is the real capital of Turkey. It is the bureaucratic abode of the Turkish mainland and home of some historical architecture. Being a historic state, this area is also famous for its Ballet. Additionally, Atatürk mausoleum Anıtkabir and its historic quarter with its famous castle truly justify the architectural glory of the city.



For those people who just love to admire the beauty of shorelines, Antalya is the place to be. Be it the secluded beaches or the enthralling bays, Antalya truly amazes the visitors in every manner. Additionally, it is a hot favourite summer vacations spot due to the beautiful landscape view this place has to offer.



This is the place which can’t be left if a trip to Turkey is being planned. Istanbul is known for its rich cultural heritage and amazing bazaar(market) with the fame of the biggest market in the world. Additionally, with the status of Turkey’s most beautiful city, this is the place that actually keeps you engaged with its awesome historical musings.

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8 Amazing Tourist Places in Turkey

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