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Wine, cheese, the Eiffel Tower, castles, wonderful beaches, pompous waiters – France is famous for a lot of things.

It’s gorgeous with stunning shores, valleys, wine country, forests, and beaches; has some of the lip-smacking food and wine in the world; historic towns and castles, and a long and rich history.

And, in spite of what you might hear, the French are an admirable people who love to stop and scent the roses.

There’s nothing like a picnic along the Seine or a day through the French landscape to make life seems charming. France’s long history flourishes with beautiful ruins, castles, architecture, and culture.

Traveling France is a very costly affair, second only to commuting through Italy Europe. Those on a super tight budget will find it tough to sense everything France has to offer. Along with Paris, capital of France, we are presenting 8 other best places in France for your trip.

Here are 8 of our picks for your visit to France

Antibes – France

Antibes France JupiBlog

This lovely resort town built on the French Riviera has a really lovely Old Town that’s actually been pretty well conserved with barricades dating back to the sixteenth century!

Here, you can see the star-shaped Fort Carre, which has wonderful views of the city, as well as taking the time to explore the Musee Picasso, which showcases a quite impressive number of the brilliant artist’s works – counting it in one of the best places to visit in France if you’re an admirer of Picasso’s work.

Grab your groceries from one of the local bakeries and treat yourself with a picnic lunch (you must have probably started to sense a theme here with the picnics) on one of the many magnificent beaches, or spend a few hours hiking around the coastline, where you can uncover everything from hidden coves to naturally maintained lighthouses.

Albi – France

Albi France JupiBlog

Albi – France, situated on the Tarn River, this place is perhaps most famous for the Sainte-Cecile Cathedral, an exciting example of Gothic architecture which is also home to some rather valuable paintings.

This beautiful cathedral administers over Episcopal City, a confined quarter dating back to the Middle Ages which has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The vineyards here are absolutely brilliant, so be sure to make some time to simply soak up the view and, of course, that wine too!

There are also some pretty great cafes and bars(so you won’t be stuck for choice when you visit), but if you want a real delight, make sure to visit one of the local street markets, which offers a plethora of options to choose from farm fresh vegetables and fruits to appetising breads, meats and cheeses to grab yourself a picnic to enjoy in the sun.

Avignon – France

Avignon France JupiBlog

This is also a good place to visit in France. This city was once the midpoint of Western Christianity during the Middle Ages and is an undoubtedly magnificent place to visit.

Here you can see the Palace of the Popes, a building built back to the 14th century that was once the place of no less than six papal conclaves.

There is also a pretty admirable street market here, as well as Pont d’Avignon, the remains of a 12th-century bridge.

An amazing spot for a visit, if you’re more into history than nightclubs and beaches (or just want to try something new for a bit) is the Avignon Cathedral!

Alternatively, if you just want to cadge around and relax, head over to Jardin des Domes.

Biarritz – France

Biarritz France JupiBlog

Biarritz was once a drowsy French fishing town, yet it’s somehow converted into one of the best places in France to visit, in large part due to the acceptance of the Hotel du Palais – which was formerly the summer home of Napoleon.

It was not just Napoleon that loved to be here either – Biarritz has been a vacation hotspot for European sovereignty from right back in the 1800s and when you visit this bizarre French gems.

Biarritz is also one of the top places in France to visit if you’ve ever been excited about visiting the French Basque country as it is located to the south of it!

Cannes – France

Cannes France Jupiblog

This one apparently needs no introduction as Cannes is hands down one of the most well-known resort towns on the French Riviera and one of the must visit place in France.

For easily over 70 now, Cannes has attracted celebrities to its doors as it plays host to the esteemed Cannes Film Festival.

While you’re here, take an excursion to the iconic Boulevard de la Croisette – great if you’re planning to do some pretty epic shopping or if you just want to roam around in hopes of recognizing a celebrity or two.

Cannes is a quite great spot to party (although perhaps costly than the average) so do possess some hours to head out on a proper night out when you visit!

Carcassonne – France

Carcassonne France JupiBlog

If you are flying to Carcassonne with the plan to just get to a huge villa and chill but Carcassonne is also home to a beautiful Medieval citadel and is generally just a really captivating place in Southern France to visit!

Situated on the banks of the Aude River, the walls circling the older parts of the city have parts that were built in the 4th century, though the entire thing was largely assisted nine centuries later.

These dilapidated walls were again eventually left to decompose and fall into ruin until being reestablished to their original glory in the late 19th century.

A short video trip for France.

Lourmarin – France

Lourmarin France JupiBlog

Widely noticed as one of France’s most charming villages (seriously, some of the awesome places in France to see are its villages), Lourmarin is surrounded by ravishing mountains, dense orchards and some rather appealing vineyards ( something about tasting wine in a vineyard just seems the thing of French summer dreams).

Walking falteringly over a hill, you don’t even need to have reached into the village before you fall head-over-heels in love it – it’s as beautiful from afar as it is inside it.

One of the awesome spots to head to for supper is Le Numero 9, an amazing restaurant located on Rue de Temple. This place honors itself on an ever-changing menu that’s attracted on fresh ingredients that don’t travel too far to get to your table.

Marseille – France

Marseille France JupiBlog

Commonly crowned as France’s oldest city, it is also the second biggest city in France, and definitely one worth visiting once you’re done with the beauty of Paris. Or maybe even before, to be honest – there’s so much more in the bag of France other than Paris after all.

Be sure to invest down to the Old Port, which was built by the Phoenicians over 2,500 years ago to acquire a sense of the city’s history. Here, you can simply relax and watch the locals pass you by, or enjoy some of the city’s more famous delicacies, including bouillabaisse, a rich soup enriched with freshly caught local fish.

Here we have described 8 top places in France and you can also find Paris link to know about places in Paris and now plan your trip to France and let us know your experience in France in below comments.

8 Best Places To Visit In France

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