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Germany, the country is like another word to beer, sausages, “seriousness,” unbelievable hiking, marvellous castles, and wild techno parties.

It’s big, distinct, and wonderful.

There’s a dynamic international art, and music scene in Berlin; scenic forests in the west; enormous cathedrals; quaint “Sound of Music” cities in the south; and forgotten historic cities and beaches in the north.

No matter if you are backpacking, running on a mid-range budget, or have a limitless spending account, traveling around Germany will turn out to be a wonderful travel experience.

The more you visit Germany, the more you fall in love with it.

It’s a big country so don’t rush. Take time.

There is much more to see — and it’s all worth it.

And Germany is a “not so hard on budget” country so it’s a good place to save some extra cash!

7 Places To Visit When You Plan Your Next Trip To Germany

Schwerin – Germany

Schwerin Germany JupiBlog

Schwerin is the capital city of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and lies in the northeast of Germany. Now, one thing is for sure, smaller cities in Germany (like Schwerin) often get ignored in lieu of their big brothers (Berlin and Hamburg, etc) but it’s certainly a place to consider.

Now, in our opinion, its best place has to be Schwerin Palace, a historic 1,000-year-old building that houses the state parliament. Now if you’re here, make sure to catch some of the fresh seafood from Restaurant LUKAS (which is so delicious). For an awesome spot to rest your head, check into the Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee, which is right on the coast. And don’t forget, to take a break from the city itself, you can stop by the seven beautiful lakes that are dotted close by.

Hamburg – Germany

Hamburg Germany JupiBlog

So, Hamburg is one of the tourist’s favourite cities in Germany (and a place you could visit again and again). Situated on the Jutland Peninsula in the north of Germany, it’s got a whole lot to see and do! Plus, we’ve got to say this, it has some of the exceptional coffee shops in Germany like; Zuckermonarchie’s, Less Political and (our favourite) Public Coffee Roasters. Hamburg sees frequent street fairs and festivals, so an ideal place for you to visit. One of those festivals is Hafengeburtstag, it dignifies the founding of the port. Another big charm is the city’s Christmas markets but also the MS Dockville Festival. For a delicious (and meaty) treat, book a table at Bullerei, which is so good! Though, if you’re vegetarian, you might wanna search for another spot like Fardi Syrian for some epic delicacies. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, make sure to catch a seat at Harbor Cake – they have some of the best in the city.

Berlin – Germany

Berlin Germany JupiBlog

Berlin is one of those completely awesome cities that is constantly changing, new and exciting! Each time you visit, you will somehow manage to have completely different and fun experiences that really displays the diversity of the city. Now, that you’re here, make sure to take some time to see all the incredible sights. Spots like; the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Cathedral and East Side Gallery. This is naming just a mere few, there are a lot more to see. Also, if you wish to head outside of the city limits, head over to see the incredible palaces of Potsdam, it is not more than 30-minutes by train from the center of Berlin.

If you’re looking for a grabbing something to eat, get inside of Happi and order the ‘goat cheese happi’. Also, Berlin hosts a pretty epic burger scene with some of the top class burgers in Berlin dotted across the city. After a tirey day of exploring one of the best cities in Germany, you can check into the Boutique Hotel i31. You will love it there.

Cologne – Germany

Cologne Germany JupiBlog

In history, Cologne was a Roman frontier all the way back in the first century AD and a city that still as happening as I’m sure it was back then. Presently, Cologne is one of the larger cities in Germany and has a really dynamic cultural area within Rhineland. Once you’re in Cologne, make sure to visit the Cathedral (and go up the hundreds of steps). Things to take care of, it’s tough on a full stomach, so trip there before food! Do not forget to probe the Belgian Quarter for the awesome bars and restaurants, see through the world-renowned museums and some of the best sceneries across the city.

A short video trip for Germany.

Leipzig – Germany

Leipzig Germany JupiBlog

Now, Leipzig is a total surprise to visitors in Germany. You did not really know what to expect before you visit but you will be glad you went. You will love Leipzig so much! It is the kind of city that has a completely cool and folksy arty vibe (if that makes sense) and lots of history to probe, too. Now that you are here, make sure to see the climactic Volkerschlachtdenkmal also known as Monument to the battles of the Nations, visit the Old City Hall (and Market Square) and enjoy the views from the Panorama Tower.

Dusseldorf – Germany

Dusseldorf Germany JupiBlog

Dusseldorf in Germany is a metropolitan city, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and often misinterpreted as just a working city and not so much a harbour in its own right. Well, let us tell you, that’s a common myth and it’s actually a really fun and pretty happening city to explore once you scratch the surface.

Now that you are here, make sure to check out the Rheinufer area, visit Schloss Benrath and shop at the Carlsplatz Market which is so great on a sunny day. After a day of digging, head over to Nagaya for some of the best in its class sushi in the city. If you’re arriving through a flight, make sure to reach the city by the Skytrain. This is the geekiness showing but the train itself hangs over the city (on a nearly upside down monorail) which is so awesome to experience.

Frankfurt – Germany

Frankfurt Germany JupiBlog

Frankfurt is undoubtedly one of the fanciest cities in Germany and the greatest financial center of mainland Europe, that’s for sure.

For years, the kings and queens of Germany were chosen here and thus turning it one of the most important mythical cities in Germany. Now, if you’re a bit of a bookaholic(like moi) you would love to visit one of the biggest Book Fair which first started all the way back in the 15th Century. Though, if books do not interest you, you might wanna give it a pass!

Now that you are here, make sure to visit St Bartholomew’s Cathedral (where Bartholomew the Apostle was buried), probe the art within the Staedel Museum and look around Kleinmarkthalle (one of the top flea markets in the city). For an awesome spot to stay, you might check into, the sumptuous, Villa Kennedy which is about a 30-minute drive from Roemer.

So these are top 7 places in Germany and now plan your trip to Germany soon and have fun with friends or family. JupiBlog.

7 Places to Visit in Germany

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