International tours are very expansive in nature and thus requires proper planning and budgeting. A Traveller should highly discourage the last time plans. You can take help of an experienced travel planner or agency in this regard though we at Jupi Blog can definitely help you with another query. If you are wishing to know about the Top 10 Places in the world that one should definitely cover in his or her life then you are at the right place.

Jupi Blog- Top 10 Tourist Places in the World

List of Top 10 Tourist Places in the world


The Tivoli gardens are the second-oldest amusement park in the world so you simply can’t miss this place. The rides, architecture and attractive gardens are simply overwhelming. Additionally, for pro fashionable people this place is an amazing encounter as the Danish designs are world famous.

With a mission to become a carbon-neutral state by 2025, Copenhagen is regarded as one of the happiest as well as cleanest cities in the world. The famous canal tour can be a great experience as the super clean harbor and canal may stun you by the time you pass by.

Grand Canyon, USA

The manmade structures seem dwarf before the naturally crafted 200 miles wide Grand Canyon USA. You are heading towards one of the world’s most amazing geological creations situated by the side of Colorado River.

Jupi Blog- Top 10 Tourist Places in the World

Best time to admire this beautiful place is in between May and September. Though people who don’t want to face a lot of crowds should plan their arrival in the month of November.

Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)

Pharaos and Pyramids need no introduction as a lot of flicks featured this only surviving 7 original wonders of the world in the past. As always, the World-famous Great Sphinx and the maverick Pyramid of Giza untiringly enhancing the stature of Egypt. The most popular site among several pyramids is the Khufu pyramid comprising 2 million blocks that you shouldn’t miss at all.

Venice (Italy)

Venice complements the mighty earth with its beautiful group of 118 Islands. With the status of one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice witness regular footfall of 50k on a regular basis. In the past, a lot of Romantic flicks featured this city as the experience of amazing canals and 400 linking bridges is once in a lifetime experience. You will hardly see motor cars here as the traditional boat ‘Gondola’ takes care of all such needs.

Jupi Blog- Top 10 Tourist Places in the World
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No wonder at every corner you get astounded with the tranquillity of beautiful Venetian architecture. The beautiful palaces in Venice is completely a treat to eyes. City’s Burano Village is also famous for its multi-colored houses across the world.

Rio De Janeiro

This Amazing beach city is a complete package with the world’s largest urban forest and the popular ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue. The picturesque 25 miles long shoreline has some amazing beaches and the new year event at Copacabana beach magnets millions of tourists from the different parts of the world.

For adventure sports lovers, Rio de Janeiro has the Sugar Loaf mountain with best rock-climbing destinations in the world. Additionally, the four-day-long Rio De Janeiro carnival is the biggest celebration where the world famous Brazilian and Samba dance is the main attraction of this gathering.


Bagan is perhaps a hidden treasure in Asia’s Myanmar country. It is home of UNESCO recognized some heart pleasing Buddhist temples. The area inhibits some 2000 Buddhist religious abodes where Buledi, Thebeik Hmauk, Oak-Kyaung-Gyi, and Shwe-Leik are the most popular ones.

Jupi Blog- Top 10 Tourist Places in the World
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Apart from that, it won’t be wrong to say this place a Foodie’s Paradise. The area is conjuncture of Nepalese and Burmese cuisines where the lip-smacking snacks and curry dishes will blow your mind away.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Paro Valley, Bhutan

Whenever the oldest Buddhist pilgrimages got the mention in a meaningful discussion it’s almost impossible that Tiger’s Nest Monastery is missed. This place is also known as Paro Taktsang by the locals. Perched on the 3000 m high granite cliff in the Paro Valley of Bhutan, it offers a package of complete serenity and calming sessions.


This archipelago allows the visitors to enjoy their best time on its secluded islands with rented bungalows.

Jupi Blog- Top 10 Tourist Places in the World

Considered as a luxurious holiday destination Seychelles flaunts some amazing beaches and thick forests.The Fruit Coco de Mere is very precious here and you can be shocked to see the respect it has among the citizens. The Country is further famous for the flying foxes and giant tortoises.


Switzerland is a complete treat to eyes as a whole but the microanalysis allows visitors to examine the beauty lying in the beautiful cities like Zurich. Though Zurich earned its fame as a honeymoon and/or romantic vacation it is beyond that. Apart from the scenic beauties, the city uncovers a breath-taking panoramic view. The Iconic Cathedral and the world-famous chocolates are two of those humongous reasons which force the visitors to extend their stay in the city.

Banff, Alberta

You are advised to not miss this place if you are true nature lover.

Jupi Blog- Top 10 Tourist Places in the World

It’s one such places which can be truly regarded as an uncovered (and probably unknown too) treasure. People who wish to feed their eyes with almost every scenic beauty in a single go should not miss this place at any cost. Fenced by the Rocky Mountains and Banff National park this area is paradise for adventure lovers. hiking, rafting, caving, skiing, dogsledding, snowshoeing you simply name it this place won’t disappoint you.

The Incomparable Top 10 Tourist Places in the world

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