With the home of some very popular Volcanic Mountains, Italy is a Country with a rich history and amazing architectural marvels. It is a land spoiled with architectures, ruins, dramatic landscapes, breath-taking views, rich historical heritage, and mouth-watering cuisines. You may run out of money or time but Italy never stops surprising you with its pristine beauty. Jupi Blog brings top 7 spots in Italy that every visitor should definitely see.

Visitors are welcomed throughout the year but best time to visit Italy will be April to June or September to October as weather will be nice at that time and less expensive trip can be planned at that time.

Top 7 Places in Italy


Located in the central west of the country, this romantic city is the capital of Italy and any potential Italy tour is incomplete without it. Italy Wraps around ruins and architecture buildings with a rich history of more than 3000 years with it. The Vatican City that you have seen in a lot of Hollywood flicks is also here. If you are surprised to see the open dining culture of locals in Italy then and you should not miss it while you are here. You should definitely try yourself this unique experience here.

Top Attractions in Rome

Trevi fountain

Gawk at the Pantheon

Vatican City

Ruins of Colosseum

Sistine Chapel



This city can be a complete package on your tour as Florence offers the visitors an eye-pleasing ancient architecture, mouth-watering Italian food, amazing shopping sessions, some globally renowned shopping stores and some of the finest wines at the end of the day. The country’s capital Rome is just one hour flying from here so connectivity is not an issue. During your trip have a birds’ eye on the artistic views that you will find out almost in every corner of the city. For the best experience, we recommend a walking tour.

Top Attractions in Florence

Michelangelo’s Statue of David

Uffizi Gallery

Duomo Tower

Tuscan Wine Tours




Venice is a Lagoon City which makes the North Eastern part of Italy connected through Marco Polo airport. It’s a perfect mix of ancient Italian architecture and natural canals running throughout the city. In fact, all the 118 islands that truly built this city is connected through canals. This place is a complete treat to eyes for architecture lovers and Piazza San Marco Truly testifies this fact with the huge gatherings at any typical day as it is a lifetime architectural Marvel. And Yes, how can we miss the Grand Canal the biggest canal of Italy.

Top Attractions in Venice

Piazza San Marco

Venetian Glass Blowing

Grand Canal Tour

Local Eating Experience

Cobblestone Streets




This city is properly connected to all the major cities of Italy both by train and flights. Milan is the financial capital of Italy and popular for its high-end shopping and Restaurant experience. it is also regarded as a global designer fashion capital. The elegant Lifestyle experience you will get to see here is completely jaw-dropping. This rich cultural heritage this place offers is unparallel with the stories of Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte. In fact, If you take the close observation to the streets you can feel the presence of these historical figures by yourself. The city offers a perfect mix of modern and ancient Italian culture.

Top Attractions in Milan

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Castello Sforzesco

Milan Cathedral (Duomo)

Monumental Cemetery Architectures.



Leaning Tower of Pisa is the most familiar name that strikes Your Mind by the time you read ‘Pisa’ in this travel blog but surprisingly the city of Pisa is not only about this architectural assembly. It’s worth one-day long tour as it is home of some very beautiful sites like the square of miracles and the magnificent Tower. Additionally, while you are here do not miss the once in a lifetime opportunity of climbing up the tower as it will give you simultaneously two experiences of climbing towers with some breath-taking views.

Top Attractions in Pisa

Piazza de Cavalieri

Piazza de Miracoli

Museum of the Synopses and Cathedral

Palazzo dela Carovana




By the time you are in the city (which is part of southern Italy) you are actually going to experience the place where pizza took birth. Apart from delighting the taste buds, Naples is also got fame as one of the largest cities here in Italy and home of a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city offers the visitors amazing views of architectural Marvel with castles, palaces, and some other beautiful buildings in the City.

Top Attractions in Naples

Eating Best and Real Pizzas

Island of Capri

Ruins of Herculaneum

Underground Naples

Mount Vesuvius


Lake Como

lake como-italy

If you are a true holiday lover then this place must be at the top of your bucket list in Italy. Sporting the status of region’s largest lake Como is shaped like ‘Y letter’. With romantic landscapes and upscale resorts, Lake Como is located in Northern Italy and just 2.5 hours ride from Milan City. Apart from the lake, you will get to see Ruins and architectures with a picturesque background developed by the Alps.

Top Attractions near Lake Come

Streets of Bellagio

Luxury Villas of Melzi and Carlotta

Duomo of Como

Food Tours

If you truly want to explore Italy then the minimum time of 7-8 days is advised for visitors for the best experience. Happy visit to ITALY !!  From JUPI BLOG.

Top 7 Places in Italy

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