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Thailand is a happening place and one of the most visited places by tourists. Additionally, through it’s several eye melting and energizing sights and delicious munching options, the city gives a diverse encounter of experiences. It is not only a tourist place but can help you to make some lifetime memories too. With this Jupi blog, we will be letting the readers know about the top 7 cities in Thailand for tourists that should be part of every bucket list.

Top 7 Places in Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand

It is the capital of Asia’s most tourist-friendly destination but beyond that, it is a way more interesting place to be for tourist and Travellers. With some amazing things to do in the city, it is the most tourist-friendly city in the whole of Thailand. It is a perfect mix of cultural, historical as well as adventurous activities for visitors. Soaring skyscrapers to modern architecture historical places to the amazing art galleries and museums and some Buddhist temples the city assures everything you want to include in your travel itinerary. If you are in Thailand you can’t afford to miss this place that too spending several days here.

For shopping lovers, this place can be nothing less than a heaven. From some bustling markets to cheap shopping in night markets, mega malls and the other interiors of the city you will get various options. Additionally, the floating markets further attract eyeballs. The Thai street food options and vibrant night clubs with live music and Cocktail Bars create the perfect environment for a party animal. Thanks to the BTS Skytrain and local transportation systems like Subway, buses, taxis, and tuk-tuk that make a perfect transportation support system in this city for visitors.

Chiang Mai

Chiang mai- thailand

The city also regarded as the northern capital of Thailand but in the truest sense, it should be considered as a religious capital because it offers 500 different temples to see and admire. If you are a culture hunter this place will keep you occupied. With its broad range of options, the city will satiate your natural cultural appetite. Additionally, for adventure lovers, Chiang Mai provides an option of Night Zoo where an encounter with the Zoo animals will make the visit pretty interesting. At the same place, for adults, there is a range of activities to do including hiking in lush green jungle and rafting. The city has beautiful waterfalls that you should not miss. The nightlife in the city is not happening as Bangkok and Pattaya but still, it is up-to-the-minute enough to make you step out of your hotel room.

A short video trip of Thailand.


Phuket - Thailand

Phuket is one of the most popular destinations not only in Thailand but also in Asia. it is the largest island of Thailand country. Through its multidimensional image, the city has something for everyone. The beaches are the most admired tourist destination in the City. On top of that, the hedonistic nightlife put further fire on the ice for traveling enthusiast. The area is also Famous as heaven for people with notorious instinct. This place has some world-class entertainment destinations. If you are an adventure lover then this place won’t disappoint you as it has several go-karting, snorkeling, Jet skiing and hiking activities to offer that is worth visiting. For backpackers, old Phuket city is a must visit as it offers the sneaking into the true old Thai culture.

Nong Khai

nong khai- thailand

It is one such ‘not so famous city’ in Thailand but it doesn’t mean it is not worthy. Even with some enthralling site visits, this region offers a tourist experience which is completely at the opposite side of Thailand. It is located nearby Vientiane so people while heading towards Laos make their stop here. it’s a nice city with interesting local festivals and the cultural hegemony it establishes among the locals. The Sala Kaew Ku is identical to Nong Khai which is an incredible sculpture Park sporting the tall Statues of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and the great Buddha erected within the confines. It’s a picturesque location with stunning temples and most importantly a must visit place for people in search of calm and peace.


If there is mention of the most picturesque places in Thailand then Koh Phi Phi can’t miss its mention in any prospective lists. Krabi is among the most popular provinces in Southern Thailand with amazing experiences with both of its mainland and an island part. The city offers the thorough experience of Sandy beaches with long shorelines, mangroves and most importantly some chilling bars on the beach that allows the visitors to admire the beautiful Sea View with a glass of wine in hands. Meanwhile, if you are an animal lover then you would love to visit the Lanta animal welfare as they allow you not only volunteer but also contribute in such a way that instills the sense of satisfaction and feel-good factor through volunteering experience. For true adventure lovers, Railay is the place to be for rock climbers. During all this do not forget visiting Maya Bay and Phi Phi Viewpoint.


Pattaya has garnered an image of the adult-friendly area in Thailand which is famous for its notorious Walking Street and the attractive Go-go bars. Popular for its adult-oriented areas, the city is also regarded as ‘City of Sin’ and may not appeal to those people coming with family and children. But still, it’s not only a notorious place. If things are put in order and planned properly, the city has some beautiful sightings and shopping areas even for non-bachelor visitors here.

Starting with its beach, it might not be as fancy as the other famous Thailand beaches but good enough to make you feel sand, sun, and sea at the same time. With the Beautiful Sea View of the course, there are options of snorkeling and sand. If you want to explore the city you must not miss the huge Sanctuary of Truth which is the wood cart jaw-dropping marvel. Apart from that, the Nong Nooch botanical garden is the place which kids especially loves a lot as it has several amazing statues, flowers, and water structures. Gibbon fight is also very famous here so you can take your kids along with your sightseeing trip and the lip-smacking Thai street food.

Surat Thani

The city with famous Ang Thong National Marine Park, Surat Thani is situated on the coast facing in the Gulf of Thailand. This city has some beautiful Islands where Koh Samui and Koh Phangan are the two most popular places to visit. The place has several worth visiting night Markets. For Solo Travellers and backpackers, this area is a happening place as it provides them a cheap accommodation so it offers a perfect base for their affordable trip and traveling journey.

This is all from our side for your Thailand trip, so plan your trip soon with family or friends and let us know in comments about your trip experience.

Top 7 Places in Thailand for Travel Lovers

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