Oh, Bali! An Indonesian island so popular for its natural beauty that it hardly needs any introduction! Even if you haven’t visited Bali, chances are that you know someone who has or certainly  want to go yourself. Good thing is, for its comparatively small size, there’s a astonishing amount of things to see and do here – it undoubtedly feels like the kind of place you could easily stay a month in (or indeed months) and not get bored of. No matter if you’ve been to Bali before, if you go back, there would be quite a few surprises still waiting to be had on this island. You will be surprised by so many little things in Bali, each time you visit. Here, we are sharing 15 of the unique things about Bali. At the end of this article, you will know the do’s and don’ts on your next trip to Bali.

15 Things In Bali To Consider For Your Trip

bali beach jupiblog

Beach Bali

1.) The southern half of the island is arguably the foremost widespread part for guests to the islands. This means you’re guaranteed to run into loads of tourists here however that is not a lousy issue – this part of Bali is famous for a reason (the beautiful beaches for starters and variety of amazing food) so don’t rule out spending time here, even if you’re crowd shy.

2.) There’s a fair bit of walking/hiking to see some of the best sights here – especially the waterfalls! We’re not talking flat hiking either, we’re talking about walking down hundreds of, sometimes very uneven, steps through the jungle to find these amazing waterfalls. Which is always worth it once you get there.

3.) Speaking of walking or hiking, this also implies to a fair few temples. Few  are easy to get to and walk across but some require a considerable bit of hiking to get to (up in the mountains) or just have a LOT of stairs among them ending in totally different sections of the temples.

bali bridge jupiblog

4.) Watch out for leeches when you walk through the jungle. It’s not such a big deal and the odds are you won’t get any on you. With that being mentioned though, it’s always worth checking your legs and body in general after long walks just to see if there’s any on you (it’s so much easier to get rid of them if you catch them sooner instead of later).

5.) While there is certainly no shortage of astounding waterfalls in Bali. This hike in Bali is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful ways to experience Bali amazing natural beauty!

The Sekumpul hike is ideal in that it shows you not one, but seven dazzling falls in a relatively small area. While it is well advised to hire a professional guide for the majority of Bali hikes, this is one path that is quite well-marked and very safe, so you can easily go it on your own.

The initial slide down the stone staircases can grow challenging, yet once you hit the bottom, you have the option to take one trail which will lead you to a set of four waterfalls, or you can choose to go right for the gusto and take the other path, which leads to the popularly gorgeous Sekumpul Falls for which the hike is named.

Enough to say, Sekumpul Waterfalls is widely considered one of the most wonderful places in the entire country, so be sure to set aside a ample amount of time to soak it all in.

Oh, also this is quite a famous spot for bathing and the complete area can get quite crowded in peak tourist season, so try to go quite early in the day if you want to have it to yourself inadequate crowd. Not to forget, you will most definitely get your feet wet on this hike, so invest in proper footwear beforehand!

bali sunset jupiblog

SunSet Bali

6.) Massages are really cheap here so be prepared to have as many massages as you can handle! (Some tourist go for twice a day sometimes).

7.) If you don’t drive, worry not – you can hire a driver for the day for fairly cheap (we’re talking $20 – $40 for the entire day). Taxis are also fairly cheap here though you do have to bargain sometimes as people here will definitely try to charge you more than you need to pay. Oh, and not to forget, there’s Uber here too!

A short video trip for BALI.

8.) Speaking of haggling for taxis, you will need to haggle in general for a lot of things here (except maybe for food in restaurants).

9.) Don’t get too stuck on trying to find the restaurants “where the locals eat” – most locals tend to enjoy their meals at home with their families therefore loads of restaurants are here to cater to guests on the islands.

bali coast jupiblog

Beach Bali

10.) Bahasa Indonesia could be a completely different language to Indonesian, Bali has its own identity which is different to most parts of Indonesia so, although most people in Bali speak both Balinese and Indonesian, don’t expect any other Indonesian experience.

11.) You will require a special petticoat style dress (called Sarong) to visit the temples. Guys and girls – no exceptions. You do need to pay a little fee to enter the temples and you get the sarong included with the fee thus you don’t need to worry packing one. However, if you don’t wish to use a skirt that has been used by various others, you could always buy yours in advance.

bali temple jupiblog

Temple Bali

12.) Speaking of fees, you do have to pay a fee for waterfall visit too! The locals have cottoned on to our fascination with their natural sights and then there’s sometimes a fee for visiting even the extreme hidden of sights (unless you arrive after five or five thirty in the evening but by then, you would have missed most of the good light anyway so we wouldn’t recommend arriving that late). The fee is quite nominal ( it’s literally pennies) so this isn’t really worth preventing– just do not forget to bring cash with you to pay that fee.

13.) Do not drink tap water here. Probably comes as no surprise to most tourists however simply just in case you were wondering about it; don’t do it!

bali temple jupiblog

Temple Bali

14.) It can still rain a lot in the dry season and it can still be very sunny in the rainy season! Don’t try too hard to pick one season out for the other here, you might still end up very stunned here.

bali temple jupiblog

Temple Bali

15.) For a lot of places, you can pay by card here – sounds obvious but it would not be that long where it was a lot harder to travel around Bali without having enough cash with you. It does still help to save just a little bit of loose change with you of course (for case mentioned in number 12 above, if not for anything else) but pretty much everything else can be done via card so don’t bother carrying too much cash with you when you visit Bali!

We have presented 15 things for Bali so now plan a trip of Bali and keep these 15 points in mind to make your trip most enjoyable trip. JupiBlog

15 Things In Bali For Your Trip

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