Apparently built along the sides of Cumbrian Lake District by the Britain Government, Nainital is Uttarakhand’s most popular hill stations. With marvellous views, Nainital resides in a valley around an eye-shaped lake, where according to the Hindu mythology, the Goddess Sati’s eyes fell on the ground. Buzzing markets with remarkable views of the hills essentially make Nainital an entrance to the upper peaks of the mighty Himalayas. With the spectacular and variety of Jim Corbett National Park, is just a two-hour drive from Nainital, a multitude of tourists tend to migrate here at the rush season which is usually between March-July each year.

Offering a surfeit of opportunities to explore all year, Nainital has amazing remnants of its colonial past connected to mythical legends.

A few kilometers from Nainital lie different towns with lakes as their attraction points. Bhimtal, Sattal, and Naukuchiatal are fantabulous little hill-towns built circling tranquil lakes as well, naming this region as the Tal region. It offers genuine liberty for spending a holiday in placidity by the lake, visiting temples or as an adventure seeker.

Recreational Activities To Do In Nainital

Bara Pathar – Nainital

A 4-kilometer ride from Nainital drops you to the rock climbing area of Bara Pathar. Quite obvious from the name, which is after the twelve humongous rocks in this region, Bara Pathar attracts a fair number of climbers and trekkers. The climb on nature’s rock is quite tough and requires a lot more expertise than a normal wall at a society clubhouse. With a qualified instructor to assist you through every step, making safety as their top priority, rock climbing at Bara Panther is thrilling and irresistible.

Ropeway To Snow View Point – Nainital

snow view point nainital

One of Nainital’s extrusive factors of charm, the cable car is an opportunity not to be given up. It gives a never before an offer of catching a bird’s eye view of the charismatic Naini Lake and the entire Nainital. As you treat your senses, relax while gliding across the air over such immaculate landscapes.

Picnic By The Waterfall – Mukteshwar – Nainital

Mukteshwar Nainital

Pull out a piece of rock and grass as you rest for a rejuvenating meal amidst the descending waters of the waterfalls in Mukteshwar. Paired with the open valley views and incomparable serenity, this will work as a welcome break from the never-ending buzz of the chaotic city life.

Planetarium Visit – Nainital

Stopping by for a spot of the stargazing at the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences can be an ethereal experience. You will find yourself lost in the stars and beyond as you dive deep into the splendid secrets of the universe and its buried mysteries.

Hanuman Garhi Temple – Nainital

Hanumarngarhi Nainital

A famous temple in the honor of Lord Hanuman, who is a much-acclaimed image of resolute devotion himself, being one of the greatest congregants of Lord Ram. Alight at an altitude of 6400 ft above sea level, the whole case of sanctity is multiplied by the sun making its gorgeous plunge beyond the mountains contouring the statue of Hanuman, its palm open in blessing.

Best Time To Visit – Nainital

March to June is the beloved tourist season when the weather is perfect for outdoor activities and very pleasant. If you’re the type adventure lover, this is the time to visit here for paragliding, trekking, camping, and rafting all up for grabs.

July to September experiences heavy rainfall and quite a drop in visitors. On the bright side the rains make the hills more opulent and if you’re the kind who prefers dripping weather and lone-wolf hiker, this time has your name all over it.

October to February gets quite cold and January brings in, considerate snow too.

Although Nainital is a full year destination, the enterprises open to you may vary based on the time you visit. So, plan accordingly.

Top Places To Visit in Nainital

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