Remember that statue with a head like a lion but with tail fish surrounded by a fountain like setup? If it already didn’t click your mind yet then we want to let you know we are talking about the beautiful city of Singapore. It is a place which is regarded as one of the costliest cities in the world due to the living standards and per capita income here people possess. Apart from that, it is also very important strategic locations from a financial point of view. With this blog of Jupi, we are presenting you the most promising travel destinations in Singapore.

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Top Travel Destinations in Singapore


If you want to feel China within Singapore then it is the place to be where small Chinese stores and some authentic Chinese cuisines are waiting for you. The areas here are completely studded with bright red lanterns. This place also sports some famous temples including a Hindu temple named Sri Mariamman and Buddha tooth relic. For the convenience of people at various places, Heritage markers are installed in English, Japanese and Chinese languages so that the visitors can get the best feel possible.

Singapore Zoo

It is no ordinary place but regarded as world’s best zoo developed in a rainforest. it’s a quite clean, inviting and impressive place where you will be delighted to see the way animals are treated. Various members of the Monkey family like orangutan and chimpanzee are quite famous here. Additionally, Komodo dragon, mole rats and white tigers with meerkats are other attractions here. If you have time then do not miss the Singapore zoo breakfast with the Orangutans. it’s a completely different and refreshingly memorable experience.

Orchard Road

For shopping lovers, this is the place to be as Orchard Road offers some of the most admired brands across the world with at least over 20 malls and several departmental stores. You can have a glimpse of a world-class city for designers and styling lovers. After your shopping session, you can head towards several food stops offering authentic various Asian and international cuisines.

Marina Bay Sands

The list of travel destinations in Singapore is incomplete without Marina Bay Sands which is famous for its art science museum and the sky park. Especially the sky park is regarded as the Vantage Point. If you are a prospective Traveler vouching for the view of the entire city at a single go then this place will fulfill your wish. This place is home of some Ultra luxury Resorts, complex and a beautiful Mall with a Canal running through. This place completely justifies the status of Singapore as a major international city in the southeast Asia region.

Botanic Gardens

Technically this place is regarded as a Jungle of concrete but the development has an altogether different story to say. It is a densely populated forest with various species of mature trees. It’s an artificial forest created by the team of some visionary Architects, experienced engineers, and plant specialists. Singapore Botanic Gardens inhibits a must visit national Orchid Garden, echo lake and beautiful sculptures.

Sentosa Island:

Unlike Thailand, Singapore is not a beach destination but Sentosa Island allows its visitor to have a similar kind of experience here. This place is full of adventure sports and such activities including kayaking and skim boarding. You can also try the Underwater World aquarium where you can watch dolphins very closely. The very popular Merlion which is a statue with the head of a Lion and body of fish is also located here.

Universal Studios Singapore:

It’s a very popular 49 acres large resort in World Sentosa and one of the top travel Destinations in Singapore. It’s a theme park which pays tribute to various locations, film and TV shows with New York City, Hollywood, and Trip to ancient Egypt. Additionally, there are sectioned themed areas as well where you will encounter the Sci-Fi city and Battlestar Galactica themed roller coasters. With all this, the park also provides the opportunity of lavish dining options, shopping as well as live shows.

Night Safari Singapore Allie:

It’s a new twist for the same old traditional zoo Safari experience where people are introduced with the nocturnal lives of the members (animals) with 4 Habitat sections. Each of these allows the visitors to observe the creatures when they start their DAY (which is night). There are various trails namely the leopard trail, fishing cat trail, east lodge trail, and wallaby trail. You can also get once in a lifetime experience of feeding an Asian elephant here.

Top Travel Destinations in Singapore

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