Hong Kong as a tourist destination offers a lot more than the alternative identity which is a global business hub. Be it the landmarks or the breath-taking sightseeing avenues, Hong Kong excels in every single aspect. For visitors this city has markets, shrines, entertainment hubs and much more to offer. With this list of favourite tourist attractions in Hong Kong, Jupi blog gives a complete travel perspective to the sightseers.

Favourite Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong


Victoria Harbour


If you want to know the reason why Hong Kong is is considered at the place where it is today you can come to Victoria Harbour and have a look. Your experiences will translate your query for you. Exciting, stylish and glamorous are some of the few synonyms of this beautiful place. Doesn’t matter its day or night time, it blows your mind when you take the first sightful of this place.

The nearby Victoria peak is regarded as the highest point in Hong Kong which is not a peak into truest sense but allows the visitors to offer a viewpoint at a very respectable height. Additionally, the peak is also an experience worth taking for.

The Star Ferry


If somebody says he had completed a trip to Hong Kong and doesn’t it know or visited the amazing star ferries then he or she is just cheating you and themselves both. With a history of over 120 years, the perfect green and white painted double deckers helping to commute the people. Though if you are mistakenly taking it just as a means of transportation then and it is something going to be a buffer for your eyes in just less than 1 USD. Why? because it allows the visitors to have The Spectacular views of Victoria Harbour and the famous Skyline of Hong Kong altogether.

Bustling and Colourful Markets


The markets here in Hong Kong are the complete treat to Eyes, unlike the other markets. The kinds of stuff here provide a completely different view of the visitors and tourist coming to Hong Kong. The colourful markets have a lot of varieties and among them, fish markets, flower markets, Souvenir and trinket Bazar, Jade market and and bird Garden are some of the prominent ones. If you want to feed your soul with some of the local flavours then Hong Kong markets can give them the same without fail. During Sheung wan walk you should try the Hollywood Road antique curious and the Ancient Temple which falls on just passing by the area.

Hong Kong Food


Though it is not any tourist site for sure an experience which is unforgettable and couldn’t be missed at any cost. So, saying Hong Kong food an attraction perfectly justifies the essence the food choices offered to the visitors. The food is a full-fledged specialty business in Hong Kong. The food choices offer budgeted and lavish both kinds of flavourful food variations for foodies. And you can always start with the Cantonese food.

You can munch on Dai Dai pongs while you are on your trip to the night markets. If you are a seafood lover then during your gorgeous tour you can hop on some exquisite fresh seafood varieties from Michelin stars to the Street stalls. Taste and Quality are the two things that you can’t complain about here in Hong Kong.

The Symphony of Lights


What about a show of lights and symphony which is not only a perfect food for the soul but also free for visitors? We are talking about the symphony of lights, which is a tribute show in Hong Kong for the people and the vibrating city. The syncing pattern of light and beams will simply take your heart away in the very first sight.

Hong Kong Disneyland


A Dream place for many, Disneyland is the one of the most prominent and popular destination around the Hong Kong not only in Asia but across the world. Nobody fails to visit this amazing place and meet their childhood friends Mickey, Goofy and Donald Duck. Though it is a smallest of the Disney parks with a limited selection of rides it doesn’t belittle the amazing experience you will get here. In fact, the small size makes it more children friendly as they will feel less stranded and suffocated with the Mickey and family. So, just come to this mesmerising place and say Ni Hao!

A short video trip for Hong Kong.

Ocean Park Hong Kong


Are you coming with kids or family? If yes, then you can’t miss this must visiting place in Hong Kong which flaunts a world class aquarium and a very rare Chinese sturgeon tunnel. You will also come across to some very rare and endangered species of Pandas namely the giant pandas and red Pandas. If you are thinking Ocean Park is just all about Panda and water then you need to reconsider this place. With some breath-taking roller coasters rides and many choices of shows, it establishes itself as a perfect alternative to the world-famous Disneyland. All in all, for people coming on a family vacation, can’t afford to miss this fantastic place.

Happy Valley Horse Races


If you know horse racing just as a sport activity then you should see the madness of people for it in Hong Kong. Especially, the Happy Valley is the mecca of the world class state of the art racing courses. You can see a huge gathering of crowd high on energy cheering for their bets. This place also has an illuminating view to offer that is worthy try.

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant


Floating restaurant is the speciality of Hong Kong and if somebody mentions Hong Kong then Jumbo floating restaurant is a must mention in the list. You must have already seen this eye-catching restaurant in movies. In fact, it is a very common scene in the Tourist brochures and postage stamps. With close to 70 years of history, your tour is incomplete without this. Come here to spend some quality time while enjoying their ostentatious 9 course meals and glass of drink while enjoying the heart throbbing view of the harbour.

Tai O Fishing Village


If you visit this place do not be surprised with a stroll of photographers making their appearance throughout your way to the village. In fact, for photographers, it is a dream place to be. The reason is the picturesque territory in an amazing sitting on the boundaries carved by the mountains. Do not miss the big Buddha if you have already made your mind to pay a visit to this awesome place as it is just a 15-minute taxi ride from the village. There is an additional bonus is waiting for you here and that is the pink dolphins, rare in the world.

So we have tried our best to provide best places in Hong Kong for your next trip to Hong Kong. Let us know about your experience in below comments.

Do not miss these Favourite tourist attractions in Hong Kong

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